High Hopes

One of the oldest trees in South Carolina is located in historic Conway, SC. The tree has become root bound due to road and sidewalk construction. Total Tree and Lake Care has taken the tree under it’s care to try to save it. Follow the progress…

Hello. It’s Todd, with Total Tree Care, here today in Conway, South Carolina, one of the oldest cities in the state. And we’re looking at one of the oldest trees in the state, an historic Conway tree here that unfortunately, has lost all of its roots space due to the expansion of the roads and the sidewalks. We took this tree under our care about a year ago because it was in such a state of decline. We just hoped to make a difference with it. As you can see, there are nowhere for the roots to go, very small area from which the roots could pick up nutrients, and it’s caused a lot of decline in the tree. We’ve got most of the deadwood out of the tree to reduce the risk to the pedestrians and to the motorists, and we’re working really hard to keep great nutrients available to the tree in this limited root space that we’ve got. This is a tree we have high hopes for, and we’ll keep you up to date on its progress.

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