Soil Care

The soil surrounding your woody plants – trees and shrubs – is important to the health of your plantings. Listen as Todd Stephenson, Certified Arborist, …

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what are the benefits of composting

Ask the Experts: What are the Benefits of Composting?

Composting is nature’s way of recycling. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), yard waste and food scraps make up over 28% of what we …

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Tree Bound

Trees need room for their roots to spread. They need to be anchored from strong winds, a factor in our area. Tree Bound, Todd Stephenson, …

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High Hopes

One of the oldest trees in South Carolina is located in historic Conway, SC. The tree has become root bound due to road and sidewalk …

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Seasonal Tree Care: Expert Tips From Certified Tree Professionals

Landscaping your yard might be one of your most satisfying activities as a homeowner. And, if you do it right, your efforts can add significant …

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Shrub Care

In this video blog, Todd Stephenson, ISA Certified Arborist, talks about shrubs needing TLC just like big trees.    Hi. It’s Todd, with Total Tree …

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beginners guide to composting

Beginners Guide to Composting: 6 Steps to Get Started

Many gardeners refer to composting material as “Gardeners Gold” or “Black Gold.” There are so many benefits to composting and nothing better you can do …

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Making a Construction Site Plan Around Trees

Planning a new home build or commercial space? Part of the investment is the trees that are part of the property. Prior planning will save …

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The Root of the Problem

In this video blog, Todd Stephenson, ISA Certified Arborist, shares some insights on how the symptoms are seen above the ground but the problem is …

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