Making a Construction Site Plan Around Trees

Planning a new home build or commercial space? Part of the investment is the trees that are part of the property. Prior planning will save your trees and could save thousands of dollars. 

Hi. I’m Todd Stevenson. I’m a certified arborist.

Today I’m evaluating a tree to plan for future construction. It’s very common for people to invest in property that has nice trees so that they can build their house and have these trees incorporated into their landscape.

Without proper planning, however, the construction processes can easily kill the tree, and the unfortunate part is, is it can take sometimes 3 to 5 years before that damage actually manifests itself.

So if you’re thinking about building anywhere near a tree, please contact me or certified arborists near you, to plan how you’re going to protect an area that’s called the Critical Root Zone. Any damage inside that critical root zone can cost you the tree, so proper planning not only will save you your tree, but it can save you thousands of dollars in aftercare later.

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