Lightning Protection System

lightning protection system

A lightning protection system installed by qualified lightning protection contractors can help you avoid severe tree damage during a storm. During a thunderstorm, negative charges of electrical energy build up in the lower parts of clouds hovering close to earth. At the same time, positive charges develop in the ground, directly underneath the cloud. Lightning occurs when the dry air between the cloud and the ground is moistened by rain or high humidity. Lightning strikes start downward in 150-foot intervals. Without adequate lightning protection, damage to your property can be severe, especially to larger greenery, like trees.

In a lightning protection system, the positive ground charge is attracted upward through the conducting cables attached to the tree. When the negative downward stroke from the cloud is about 150 feet above the top of the protected tree, the positive ground charge leaps upward to meet the lightning bolt. To get your property the lightning protection it deserves, contact your local lightning protection contractors today!

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