Arborist Services

Consulting Services

A Certified Arborist is a professional that is insured and qualified to give advice about woody plants, trees, tree planning with new construction and tree health. 

A certified arborist can be called in to consult on many tree, shrub and other woody plant issues. 

Tree Care

Trees are an integral part of our lives, our environment and the ecosystem around us. Our area is fortunate to have beautiful native trees that add value to our homes and enrich our lives. Proper care of your trees and other woody plants maintains their longevity and your property value, whether commercial or residential.

There are 1000s of ponds and lakes throughout the Low Country of South Carolina. They are as much of the natural beauty of our region as are trees and shrubs. But, without proper maintenance and care, they can quickly become eye sores and even hazardous for both wildlife and humans.

Pond Care


Nature has a way of taking care of nature. A healthy tree requires the least amount of ongoing corrective care, the least amount of insecticides and the least amount of fungicides. Healthy trees and woody plants look their best, bloom their best and protect themselves best from insects and disease. 

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