Organic Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Solutions

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Organic Fertilizers - The Best Way to Tree Health

Nature has a way of taking care of nature. A healthy tree requires the least amount of ongoing corrective care, the least amount of insecticides and the least amount of fungicides. Healthy trees and woody plants look their best, bloom their best and protect themselves best from insects and disease. 

Trees in urban or residential settings, however, face many challenges:

  • Soil compaction is  a problem for the roots of trees. This can be a result of construction, irrigation or simply foot traffic.
  • Heat and drought can be stressful to woody plants in the southern climate.
  • The natural occurrence of a forest or woody “floor” consisting of leaf dropping, natural vegetation decay and even grass clippings are absent in the manicured homes of our area.
  • There is competition from grass and other woody plants and shrubs for nutrients in the soil and even in the rainfall water.
  • Overprocessing of soil can deplete micronutrients needed for tree health.

Total Tree and Lake Care saw the need for a natural way to protect trees in their urban environments.  The answer to tree health lies in the forest, a tree’s natural environment. The forest floor is tree growing nirvana. Forest floor nutrients are natural, not synthetic. Forest soils are alive with beneficial microbes, micronutrients,  fungi and bacteria. The key to tree health lies in the miracle of decomposition. The constant breakdown of forest litter and compost feeds forest trees. The difference between healthy forest trees and problematic urban and residential  trees lies in the lack of a forest floor.

In response to this need, we developed a compost extract that can be applied to soil surrounding urban and residential trees. Our compost extract renutrifies urban soils with the natural minerals, microbes, fungi and bacteria of the forest floor. The results were immediate. Our organic tree & shrub fertilizer has been used on some of the most valuable and well known trees on the Southeast Coast.

And now, in addition to being used here in the Grand Stand area, it’s being made available to reputable tree and landscape professionals throughout the Southeast. 

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