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In this video blog, Todd Stephenson, ISA Certified Arborist, talks about shrubs needing TLC just like big trees. 


Hi. It’s Todd, with Total Tree Care here, with a nice shrub in a landscape. A lot of people, when they think about a tree, they think about a very large organism with big branches and roots everywhere. Actually, shrubs are woody plants, just as are trees, and they have the same problems.

This has many problems, as we can tell. You can see the lack of vigor in the leaves. Everything is chlorotic. You can see that the leaves are actually falling off. There’s pests on there.

And if you were a landscape professional, I think your client would be a little upset with that. And if you’re a homeowner, certainly not something you’re going to walk out in the morning and see.

The problem with this is going to always be found in the soil and the lack of nutrients therein, which is why, when we wanted to come in and re-nutrify this soil, we went with our fertilizer straight to the forest, straight to the decomposition layer, we use a compost extract that can be injected into the soil, re-nutrify this nutrient-depleted, actually dirt at this point, to give this plant the nutrients that it needs so that it can photosynthesize as it needs to, and it can retain the good deep color and the good health and the pest resistance that it needs.

One simple application into the soil is going to be much more effective than repeated applications all over the top that are just going to drip away.

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